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The Healing Wave

Anne E. Bachop, PhD

Photo Gallery

Healing Days Across America Healing Days Across America Healing Day in Colorado This Healing Day was graciously hosted by the Elite Wellness Center and Dr. Jeff Albright, DC 157639186 Dr. Jeff (on right) and healer Will Skelton. 157639139 157639162 157639163 157639144 Healing Day in Vermont Chandler Four Corner's was the kind host for us in Manchester. 157639194 157639181 157639149 157639143 Healing Day in Pennsylvania Romparoo was a soft place for us to do our volunteer healings in Chester. 157639148 157639172 157639169 157639183 Healing Day in North Carolina We were grateful to have BeYoga of Charlotte hosting us. 157639398 157639184 157639152 157639150 157639182 Healing Day in New York I am so grateful that Kristen Balouch was able to host the day in her home in Brooklyn. 157639153 Healing Day in Maryland The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles hosted us in College Park. 157639177 157639176 157639175 157639173 157639178